Aqua Luna Workshop

Workshop in Progress
Monday 25.02 — Saturday 02.03

Imparted by:
Minako Seki (Berlin, Japan)
Ana Barros (Chile)
Marjorie Chau (Berlin, Chile)
Nils Willers (Berlin, Germany)

This workshop is an intensive work for body, soul and mind, which includes techniques of Dance, Theater, Improvisation, Costumes and Movement, covering the entire spectrum of the performing arts.

Organized in blocks of learning, in which the different techniques and disciplines will be taught by the different invited artists, the program is framed under the concept of ritual. Start each day with a sunrise meditation and a morning workout. The ritual is proposed from the experience of the artists and amplified by the participants, developing a scenic rituality in community connection with the environment, experiencing the presence of the body in the now, the time and the present space, connected with nature and the cosmos.

The objective of the workshop is to offer the participants an intense encounter and learning experience, to provide new tools for scenic work, experiencing the beauty of nature and the miracle of life in a paradisiacal environment.

As a culmination of the workshop process, a sample or show and presentation will take part open to the public. It will be created together with the participants, which will be shown on the closing day of this festival dedicated to light and our land.

The workshop will be held in Spanish, English and German.

It is open for all levels.