Kiñe meu d'ngu,
ta m'lei newen

— Mapuche proverbio

Kiñe meu d’ngu,
ta m’lei newen
— Mapuche proverb (Mapudungun)
En la union esta la fuerza
— Mapuche proverbio (Español)
The strength is in the joining
— Mapuche proverb (English)

Light Stone Festival is an international artistic encounter between the volcanoes of southern Chile in the Curarrehue area. Ko-Panqui is an artistic place where nature, indigenous cultures, the legends of our country's ancestors, the power of primeval forests and the Mapuche culture converge.

This festival combines the formats of performance, exhibition and workshop to create a unique example of a fusion of  performing arts with the landscape, the magnificence of nature and the memory of ancestral culture.

In this natural environment, the Light Stone Festival tries to point out, from different multicultural perspectives, the richness of this special place on earth through various artistic disciplines such as performance, dance and theater. Together we try to learn, experiment and worship the earth in rituals, visual sensations and ancestral stories with the background of our own abilities.

In the first phase of the festival, there is a group of international artists who have been linked for many years and are connected by enduring emotionality and creativity. After a week of artistic residence with a final example of the process, a workshop will be offered for those who want to become part of that experience.

In this opportunity the artists in residence are: Minako Seki (Japan), Butoh Dance / Ana Barros (Chile), Contemporary Dance and Performance / Marjorie Chau (Chile-Germany), Performance Facilities / Nils Willers (Germany), Performance Theater Clown /  Juanita Becerra (Chile, Curarrehue) Mapuche Loom / Felix Marcelo Reyes (Chile), Installations Architecture / Claudio Ansorena (Chile, Curarrehue), Performance Movement.