Ana Barros

"Interpretation is the heart of listening"

Listening as the motor of movement, as the essential state of a body on stage.

The body as millennial echo of many lives.

How do I move when I listen to my body? How do I relate to another, practicing empathic listening?

Listen to one's own body, listen to another, to the environment, the earth, the universe, so that the body on stage is crossed and full of all things, alert, present, enveloping and inclusive.

Our ability to listen is transformative, it implies the use of all the senses and an opening of the soul that opens to the world. The existence is given through sharing the corporal and experiential practice, through the relationship.

In this workshop we will explore a body that explores this state of attention and moves from the inside, from deep listening, to the outside, towards others and what surrounds us. A conscious and thinking body, capable of deepening in its interior and building in space, questioning and investigating its relationship with the environment. A body vector of energy, architecture of space that expands, curves and concave spaces, inside and outside of it.

The goal is to enter into the temporality of listening, in which the space between one body and another becomes dense and significant, exploring the body itself, the collective body and the universal body.

For this we will give a physical training that consists of strengthening and stretching, Exercises to increase body awareness, expand the possibilities of movement and the various forms of personal, group and space perception, with techniques of contemporary dance, eutonia, butoh and psychophysical training.